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Hello everyone!
I apologise for not uploading as many stocks as you'd have liked, and spamming you with gifs and things: I'm just trying my best to advertise myself really. But I haven't been doing much in the way of photography of late.
Thankyou to everyone who still takes the time to edit my existing stocks: I haven't forgotten about any of you! :heart:

On another note, a bit of self advertisement here, I currently use my twitter, tumblr and youtube more than anything. Even though I haven't got round to doing many 'proper' videos as yet, at the moment you'll find some silly rambles, and a couple of artsy fartsy things. My magician web series will be coming late this year, and inbetween waiting for that, I will be padding it out with as many videos and stuff so to keep you all occupied.

Showing your support on my youtube would be brilliant, as I said I know I haven't got much in the way of 'good' videos up there at the moment, but I promise there will be after all my work's done and I have more money to hand! I have many ideas planned, and many stage performances which will be videod and uploaded!

Thankyou all, it's all greatly appriciated, and helps me to slowly get to somewhere where I want to go in life, and hopefully help me get noticed.
Sorry for the cheeseyness of that, aheh.

- Tazpire
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Went back to an older edit I did, because boreeeed? :D
BeyondEdge Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello I've used one of your lovely images here Skull, Rose and Portrait by BeyondEdge
Lovely gallery! I'll be using 4 of your christmas pin-ups, will credit!

and yay, I can't wait!

Borrowed another delightful image Tazzy Wazzy O3O
SzarySmok Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Nice gallery:)
SzarySmok Dec 5, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
No problem, I like good art:) I invite you to my gallery:)If you like my work, watch me :)
NeverenderDesign Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you're welcome :)
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